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We are working on a “Contact Us” feature so people can communicate with us privately if they need to.  In the meantime, please use this post to share any suggestions you might have for us.  We can’t promise to deliver on every request, but we definitely value your input and assistance.  Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. Thank you again, will we still be able to donate and listen to joe charlie tapes when you press book, thank you again God Bless all of your service work. Kt

    • Thank you, KT. Right now we are wary and hesitant of connecting the site in any way to official AA materials. Gradually we may consider doing these things, but we would have to approach AAWS for permission on each aspect. We intend never to receive another cease and desist letter from them. Thanks again for being here!

      • Thank you Zuzu and Oggy for your service, i did not see your reply, i again am going to say how much i appreciate your responses and dedication to the recovery. I also love the humor, we are not a glum lot. Blessings kt

    • As for donations, we are hoping to never ask anyone for contributions. So far Oggy has managed to set up this blog with no fees or costs. We are happy to contribute our time. If we do incur charges in the future we are hoping they are small and we will just pay them ourselves as a donation. As Mst3k pointed out – if you collect money without a nonprofit tax i.d. number, you have income tax issues. Our “admin staff” know how to get a number and have done it many times before, but it requires a fair amount of work. We are hoping to keep it simple, keep it free.

  2. IMHO this “donate” thing is a slippery slope indeed. I recognize it is a ” big deal” to suggest forgoing any form of monetary recompense…but I suspect from afar it just might have been an unspoken issue in our earlier travails. Perhaps if a few do a little, no one will have to do too much this time around.
    We are maybe experiencing the early travails of the early groups. Pretty exciting and with much gratitude to those who heed the call to service.

  3. Hi all. Please pardon my rather ignorant questions below…

    1. Will there be a daily email with each daily ‘this24’? I’m hoping. To be fit I always needed a workout buddy. To be spiritually fit, I seem to need a workout buddy too and waking every morning to the daily-reflection and today’s gift in my email inbox was very effective for me.

    2. Is there a login to create or do we enter our name and email address each time? Or do we have to have a facebook or twitter account? (ugh)

    Just as a side comment, it was really enjoyable watching the comments the last two days as they went from shock, to denial to anger to bargaining to acceptance to “we’re going to create a new website” (reconstruction phase I guess)… Just awesome.



    • Hi Andrew, and thanks for the questions and comments. Admin #2 is punting to Admin #1 on the email question. Oggy has said he is working on it and he can update you. You should not have to log in every time, once you create user i.d., the system should recognize your i.p. addresses – e.g. your computer, your phone. But if you keep using new devices, you might have to recreate your user i.d. on each of those the first time. So funny pointing out our “stages of grief” and so true!

    • You should be able to save email address. Or just clink on Facebook
      Or twitter icon.
      This site is still a work in progress. I am
      Working on it whenever I can amidst my regular work in the job. I don’t knOw a lot of programming myself so I am learning as I go. Please put up with me for sometime and we can have all the necessary features.

    • I have made an adjustment in the settings to allow use of a “Follow” button at the top of the home page. People can use this feature whether or not they are registered users. It should set them up to have notification of new posts. Would someone please test it out and let me know if the notice arrives? Also, as I am posting this remark, I see boxes I can check below that give me the option to receive email notice of new comments and new posts. Please try clicking one of those boxes if you can see them. Thank you!

      • Thank you both. No worries on the email and login thing. I’m really liking this so I just need to develop the habit of visiting here each morning.

  4. Good morning all. If you get to this blog and aren’t sure why, you’ve come to

    Bookmark it and you should get here whenever you want!


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