Always There for Me

When I read about the early days of AA, and newly sober people that had to travel a few states away to attend meetings, I wonder if I would have made it under those circumstances.  Not only  are there meetings in every district of my city all day, every day, but there is a mushrooming resource of Internet options for dialing into AA and the Fellowship.  With mobile technology, AA is not only in my heart but literally the palm of my hand.  AA’s founders would have found this astounding.  I have attended meetings on both coasts of the US, and some abroad.  There is nothing like walking into an AA meeting far away from home, seeing those familiar symbols on the walls, and experiencing that instant welcoming brotherhood on the faces of others.  There are meetings in basements, penthouses, parks, cafes, and sand dunes.  It is a gift beyond measure to have somewhere to go where everyone understands me, where nobody is burdened by my need, where I am virtually guaranteed to gain a large measure of relief and serenity in a mere hour, where my bond to my recovery and my Higher Power are cemented, strengthened and reaffirmed.  All mine, all the time, for a few steps walked and a couple of bucks in the basket if I remembered to bring them.  These are  some of the reasons I am often sincerely glad not to be “normal.”

Photo courtesy of MX