Claiming My Seat

Sometimes I go for a long time without sharing in meetings.  Once in a while, if there are a lot of Newcomers present, I try to make a point of sharing – if for no other reason than to welcome them.  Whether or not I speak up during the meeting, when we go around for introductions and I say my name and confirm that I am an alcoholic, I am claiming my seat.  I am reaffirming to myself and my fellows that I am here in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous where I belong.  These plastic chairs have been the seat of my continued education and evolution.  From these chairs I have given and received experience, strength,  hope, wisdom, guidance, reassurance, laughter, tears, and many deep sighs.  I have been told that if I get my butt in the chair, my heart and mind will follow.  This advice has proven true.  I have also been told that I can either be around AA or be in AA.  To be in it, I need to claim my seat.  Recovery is not a thing that has been foisted upon me.  It is something I have chosen and re-chosen every day.  By raising my hand and opening my mouth I participate in my own healing.  I become part of the solution, for myself and for others.  So I take a seat.  Then I make it mine.

Photo Courtesy of M.K.