Good Enough

I recognize and accept my “human side” as I continue to make mistakes, and “trip over my own feet” sometimes.  I no longer have to be “better” than others, today I work towards being “better” than I was “yesterday.”  I have retired from the “blame and shame” game (thanks, God).  Today I have the guidance of the Spiritual Principles of A.A., and they serve as a basis for my behavior.  Today I include myself when it comes to treating people nice – I buy me gifts too, I treat myself to little pleasures and delights.  It’s a delicate balance sometimes between treating myself and others well.  Today I give to others, as I have learned to do in A.A., but I also give myself an occasional treat too.  Today, I am doing the very best I can, and I know that whatever that means, it’s good enough for right here, right now – for just these twenty-four hours.

Just Good Enough


Hearts and Hopes

Anonymity serves to remind me that the Principles are always the first “order of business,” and they come before personalities.  The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous is always more important than any one member.  It’s not who we are but what we are that matters.  I serve as an example to others of what sobriety can look like – just as many others do.  I often say that I love A.A., and I live A.A. – and these are not just mere words, I work to back them up with actions.  I cannot expect from others what I am unwilling to give.  Being a member of A.A., being a sponsor, and being a Woman In Recovery, all combine to create a world of honesty, hope, faith, courage and spiritual awareness that results in service to others – and to myself,  for without maintaining my own sobriety, I cannot serve to help others – and that is God’s will for me



Selflessness or Selfishness??

Well folks….the vacation is over and I’m back to the daily grind we call LIFE!! It was an awesome experience and I will remember it FONDLY!! Now….addressing the subject:

It is a narrow space between selflessness, and selfishness.  I sometimes think I am being selfless, but then I check my motives and find out that they are selfish after all.  Take these writings that I do pretty much daily; they may serve to help others or not – but I do know that they serve to help me with understanding God’s will,  the Twelve Steps, of the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and an increased awareness of my own behaviors and attitudes.  Every once in a while I get a response to a daily, someone thanking me for what to them was helpful, in some way, to their recovery.  This is always nice to hear, that someone feels they may have benefitted from my writings.  I view myself as “just another alcoholic” no more and no less.  I think that my life experiences are not unlike those of others, nor is my recovery process.  I cannot tell you what drives me to do this, I believe it is my Higher Power guiding me.  The very best I can hope for is a better understanding of the disease of alcoholism, a deeper knowledge of the Program of A.A., and perhaps, if I am blessed, a closer step towards the God of my understanding. Thank you for letting me be of service.

A little post script: Paul seems to be having issues with his computer. He says it’s when he accesses this24 so he will not be posting as fixing his computer cost him some serious cash. He will still be monitoring our gmail and forwarding to me info from it. I have asked in an email if some of you would like to contact him-and when he replies I will post for all of us. For now….that is all……Have an awesome day ♥


Right or Wrong

It’s not easy to set boundaries with others, particularly those we are closest to.  But I believe that if I value my relationship with someone, it is imperative that I establish those self-same boundaries to help both myself and the other person come to an understanding of our relationship.  As always I must “give as good as I get,” which means I cannot expect from others what I am unwilling to give.  In a relationship it is important that I have a clear understanding of my expectations, that I establish my “ground rules,” and that I am willing to meet the needs of the other person.  It’s a two-way street – and the only “wrong” way is to make assumptions based on a “right or wrong” philosophy.


Gray Days

I know that they too will pass.  They will not be with me endlessly.  It is up to me to take whatever action I can to get through them.  Control of others is not the solution.  Acceptance, and action are the “tools” needed to fight off the “gray days.”  I no longer assume that my “down time” will last forever, today I know it is simply a temporary condition.  My happiness is what I make of it – it does not rest with anyone else.  I can do whatever I can, and I have learned to leave the rest in God’s good hands.


The HOW of it

The Program of A.A. has so many useful tools to work with, but the greatest of them all is the presence of my Higher Power.  There are meetings, the slogans, the Steps and the Traditions, the fellowship, the camaraderie of the members, the stories of others who have claimed some sobriety, all the literature, and that includes our “text” the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Miracles – we claim that we are miracles, and in the sense of being sober alcoholics, we are.  I came from a place of “pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization.”  That is not where I am at this day. Today I have a faith in a Higher Power.  Today, I enjoy the fellowship of the Program of A.A.  Today, I am a member of not only a Fellowship, but I am a member of the community where I live.  Today, I work towards God will for me; to stay sober and help others.  Today, I am sober, and strive to live by the Spiritual Principles.  Today – I am blessed . . . today I am a miracle! I’m also posting this from Disneyland …..the happiest place on earth. A vacation I haven’t experienced in YEARS!!!Photo courtesy of Jaybird

Photo courtesy of Jaybird

Truth and Love

It is not a sign of loving someone to watch them engage in conduct that is potentially dangerous and to say nothing.  You may not know what to say or how to say it, but if you love someone, you will figure out a way.  You will figure out a way to let them know you cherish and honor them, but that you do not support their behavior.  When you love someone, it is okay not to like their behavior.  It is also okay to let them know.  When you love someone enough to tell them the truth, chances are you are giving them exactly what they need in order to realize just how much you really do love them.

Until today, you may have been withholding the truth, censoring the truth or deciding just how much a loved one can handle.  Just for today, be devoted to finding loving ways to let others know the truth about themselves that you already know.  Whatever you have to say, begin with “I love you so much!”

Today I am devoted to expressing truth as a sign of love!

Photo Courtesy of Tom S
Photo Courtesy of Tom S