I have arrived at a place where I know I will never know it all.  There are many levels to A.A., and while I may experience only a couple of these levels, I remain open to learning this new way of living and loving. At its most basic the Program helps me to gain a new path to recovery, and from there I have learned about loving others and myself.  The healing power of love has made me whole again, and it also shows me how to give of myself to others.  I care about the future of A.A., I care about the newcomer just arriving at the tables, and I care about passing on what I am learning, day by day.
I believe we need to “fan the flame” of recovery.  The young people coming into the Program have lots of ideas about improving it.  And while I agree that there is always room for improvement, I also know that this Program has worked for nearly 80 years – and if it’s working (and it is) then we don’t need to fix it. I know it is my responsibility to ensure that the basic premise of the Program be maintained.  But I also believe that we need to help bring the Program into the current time of innovative technology, with all that it can offer.  The Program has grown beyond “press, radio and films,” just as life has. The Program continues to grow and change, just as I do, and just as others do, as well.  I am so grateful that I have somewhere to place this desire for the continuance of the Program, and I pray that I will continue to work towards the betterment of A.A., one day at a time. After all…. it is about “principles before personalities.”