Good Morning Family!
 Quote is from “Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much” September 22nd:  “Confusion” (edited for content)
 I seem to have an awful lot of people inside me.
-Dame Edith Evans
 Frequently it is the people that we carry around inside us who encourage our alcoholic behaviors.
 We have little voices in our minds that tell us, “You are expendable.  Employers can get rid of people who are not high producers.  You are what you do.  If you aren’t doing something, you are nothing.  No one will ever want you just for who you are.  You have to make yourself indispensable, and then you can feel secure.  You aren’t intelligence enough.  You’re too intelligent.”  Voices, voices, voices. No wonder we often feel confused.  We have a chorus on twenty-four-hour duty.
Growing up and claiming our own lives is partially a process of listening to our own voices and distinguishing them from the crowd inside us, especially when the internal committee is a group of Alcoholics!!!
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