I can change the way I behave.  I can change the way I respond to others.  I can change the way I live.  I can change the way I feel.  I can change . . . I don’t have to sit around waiting forever for change to happen, I can initiate change within me, and I can take that all important first step towards change, acceptance.  I do not have to wait for change to happen, I do not have to wait for God to make the changes I want/need in my life – I can begin the process of change.  Change can be as simple as believing that change is possible – I am capable of learning new things.  How I view change can be the difference between helping myself to change and fighting the very process that I need to make my life better.
I need to change my attitude first, when considering a behavior change.  If I can get to a positive attitude, I find that it is much easier to make the changes needed to get to an acceptance of this change.  If I can visualize the benefits of a change, it is easier to make that change with that in view.  For example, I want to make some changes in my life style, with the ultimate goal of better health and, lets face it, looking better – thinner.  Looking at myself in a full-length mirror can urge my desire to achieve this goal.  Since I can’t be taller, I want to be thinner.  Yes, some of it is wanting to be healthier, but some of it is ego too.  Growing older changes the way I look, as well as the way I feel.  It is now harder to do the exercises that used to help me loose those extra pounds.  I am still able to move and can still exercise, and I believe that time will improve that process also.  Not exercising will not get me to the goal I have set for myself, continuing to exercise will.  I just need to be persistent and dedicated to the changes I desire – the Program teaches me that.  So in addition to improving my life through the recovery process, the Program also teaches me about how to achieve a healthier life style.  I mean, how good can it get?