Change Can Happen

I can change the way I behave.  I can change the way I respond to others.  I can change the way I live.  I can change the way I feel.  I can change . . . I don’t have to sit around waiting forever for change to happen, I can initiate change within me, and I can take that all important first step towards change, acceptance.  I do not have to wait for change to happen, I do not have to wait for God to make the changes I want/need in my life – I can begin the process of change.  Change can be as simple as believing that change is possible – I am capable of learning new things.  How I view change can be the difference between helping myself to change and fighting the very process that I need to make my life better.
I need to change my attitude first, when considering a behavior change.  If I can get to a positive attitude, I find that it is much easier to make the changes needed to get to an acceptance of this change.  If I can visualize the benefits of a change, it is easier to make that change with that in view.  For example, I want to make some changes in my life style, with the ultimate goal of better health and, lets face it, looking better – thinner.  Looking at myself in a full-length mirror can urge my desire to achieve this goal.  Since I can’t be taller, I want to be thinner.  Yes, some of it is wanting to be healthier, but some of it is ego too.  Growing older changes the way I look, as well as the way I feel.  It is now harder to do the exercises that used to help me loose those extra pounds.  I am still able to move and can still exercise, and I believe that time will improve that process also.  Not exercising will not get me to the goal I have set for myself, continuing to exercise will.  I just need to be persistent and dedicated to the changes I desire – the Program teaches me that.  So in addition to improving my life through the recovery process, the Program also teaches me about how to achieve a healthier life style.  I mean, how good can it get?

6 thoughts on “Change Can Happen

  1. “We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.”
    I have found that means God will not do for me what I can do for myself. This is a program of action. When I find myself easing up on the spiritual program of action and resting on my laurels I repeat a phrase from the big book.
    “There is action and more action” from page 88 of the chapter titled “Into Action”.

  2. My wife, driven by circumstance, has developed the habit of walking; since June 25, she’s only missed a few days. She was obsessing over losing a few pounds, and after a couple of months had failed to budge the needle. When we were on the last hill of the day yesterday, in passing she mentioned that she had lost 9 lbs, almost dismissive of the accomplishment. She has learned what we in recovery mostly know: focus on the achievement, get frustration and discouragement; focus on the task, get the achievement throw in for free.

  3. Got a good dose of the heebie jeebie’s watching that video from the other day. a couple of evenings ago as i drove through town I seen several peeps staggering around dodging any substantial eye contact casue I knew them. I could tell none of them were happy with their behavior as they slowly went on their rather pathetic ways as what seemed an aimless direction. I thought to myself how could this be? Then I thought about the mother of one who’s a bartender and the father of another who’s a bar owner so surely they’re doing the monkey see monkey do however with a greater degree of inebriation. I felt like it was God’s way of showing me a reminder and telling me I need to stay sober should they look for a way out. Oh well, better get my feet moving and on with the day, cause I can. God bless ya’ll

  4. I can think, and accept, and pray all I want, but until I take action change is unlikely…….
    However, my mind is untrustworthy, and counsel with others is desirable before I take drastic action.
    Went to a memorial yesyerday for a freind who left our hick town where he was in service and good fellowship (and sober), to go back to LA where He felt he “fit in” better………….The end did not take long. He is still of service to me even out of sobriety and gone.
    Thank you dear God for all you have given me, all you have taken away, and all you have left me with.

  5. Thank you God for what you have given me.
    Thank you God for what you have taken from me.
    Thank you God for what you have left me.
    Short version: Thank you God. Thank you God. Thank you God.

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