I have found myself in situations where negative stuff is happening around me, and I have the choice of how I react.  I can walk away, I can argue the point, I can say nothing, or I can just ignore it.  If I walk up to people in the parking lot after a meeting, and they are critiquing the meeting, I will probably turn around and head in the opposite direction.  I do not wish to participate in that sort of negative conversation.  I also try to avoid any character assassinations that may occur, as well.  I think that, as a group, we are less inclined to make negative comments about others or the meetings/program.

My daily inventory can be a list of both the positive and the negative behaviors I exhibited that day.  I look back and realize I could have said something nicer, or been more understanding.  I try to keep my judgments on a personal level, and not let my mind wander to the behavior of others.  There are many “teachers” available to me and the daily practice of doing an inventory is helpful to keep “my side of the street clean.”  I don’t need to harbor resentments or any anger issues – as they will only harm me, and keep me in a negative frame of mind.  I like feeling positive about my life today, and I like retaining a positive outlook on the world.  There’s enough bad stuff going on in the world – the only way for me to combat this is with a positive attitude, and I work to keep this with the help of my Higher Power, God.  I thank those who “teach” me new ways of thinking, and new ways of living.