The Connection

When you do all the talking you only learn what you already know.

I found the quote to be right on the money for me.  I have found it to be true that others in the Program will understand me when others, including my family, will not – not completely.  Others in recovery seem to have an emotional connection and understanding that is not always found in those not in the Program.  I am grateful for that.  Misunderstandings can happen in recovery, as well.  But with time and talking with others things can be smoothed out, once the emotions cool down.  Ahhh those emotions – in many ways I am grateful to be able to feel all those emotions, and yet in other ways they are still an enigma to me, in many ways.  I live to learn and I learn to live.  As Wayne Dyer recently stated “I can be a host to God, or I can be a hostage to my ego.



6 thoughts on “The Connection

  1. Are we a people of mixed motives?
    In AA we experience the peace which accompanies common purpose to an extent hardly realized in almost every other situation.
    Here, uncommon connections occur.
    🙂 “We will know a new peace and a new happiness”. – Promises. 🙂

  2. I am living in a sober living home with 10 other men. I have finally found an environment that I can relate to and it relates to me. We are all in recovery. Have to attend a min of 4 AA meetings per week and have a house meeting once a week. I do not work but I volunteer. I also attend counseling sessions. The house rules are simple. Sobriety at all times. We are given random sober tests to make sure. it is a little late in my life that I am at peace but I will enjoy life. That God that my prayers have been answered. God bless all of you and I will continue to reply to SMB’s posts

  3. A.A. is all about connections. Me with you, me with God, and me with my community. Albert’s community sounds very close knit.

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