I try to live by focusing on what is in front of me to do – and I mean that literally.  I may look at my calendar and find that I need to prepare for an upcoming meeting, or that it’s been a while since I last met one of my sponsees.  Literally taking stock of where I am, or where I am at in relation to my sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a Program for living – it is not something that I complete, or a class that I graduate from – it is a lifelong “school” that teaches me daily lessons on relationships, on behaviors, on addictions, on what it means to live by Spiritual Principles.  I am not always an “A” student, some days the very best I can manage is a “C”, and then every once in a while I will have a “D” day.  I consider the “F” days to be those days of old when I was drinking.  Today, I probably have more “B” days than any other.  Days when I feel good, when I am productive, when I work towards helping others, when God spends the day with me, whispering in my ear – and peace and serenity are mine as the result.

This Program for Living means that I participate on a daily basis in my own recovery, and the recovery of others.  I feel better when my focus is one the spiritual not the material world.  Yes, I need to clean my house, take out the garbage, spend time with my daughter and grand daughter, do yard work, etc., but the bottom line is that I stay connected to the God of my understanding, that I “work” my program, and that I remain willing to do God’s will for me – which is to: Stay Sober and Help Others.