From Head to Heart

I have learned to “listen” to my feelings, to pay attention to how I feel about events or things, not just what I know in my head to be “right,” but also what I know within my heart to be right for me.  I was quite sure that I could “out-think” the disease of alcoholism via means of “control.” I got pretty good at fooling myself and others. Even when I finally came to the rooms of A.A., I was not sure if I was in the right place for me. After attending a few meetings I became sure that I was right where I am supposed to be. It felt good to be among others who were searching for answers, as I was. It felt right that I should be at the tables, listening and hoping for my mind to finally be still, and at rest. I wanted the peace and joy I saw in others.

To NOT drink – means working the Program one day at a time, it also may mean lots and lots of meetings, it could also mean getting a Sponsor and working the 12 Steps – which is always encouraged. Prayer comes easily for some and for others it takes time to be comfortable communicating with the God of their understanding. Prayer invites God into my life and reminds me to live by God’s will, not my will. Prayer gives me an ally to rely on, and a friend whenever I may need one. Helping others comes in time and in a variety of ways, from one on one conversations with old timers and new comers; to sponsoring others, and serving as a “trusted servant,” to ensure the continuation of the Program. Wherever my service to the Fellowship takes me, I will continue to learn, to change and to grow in my own recovery – because I have learned to listen with both my brain and my heart.

PS: GO GIANTS…sorry. I’m an AVID Giants fan….next time DOC….WORLD SERIES HERE WE COME!!!

Photo Courtesy of M.K.
Photo Courtesy of M.K.

8 thoughts on “From Head to Heart

  1. 17
    Every day is a day when we must carry the vision of God’s will into all of our activities.
    How do I maintain my spiritual condition? For me it’s quite simple: on a daily basis I ask my Higher Power to grant me the gift of sobriety for that day! I have talked to many alcoholics who have gone back to drinking and I always ask them: “Did you pray for sobriety the day you took your first drink?” Not one of them said yes. As I practice Step Ten and try to keep my house in order on a daily basis, I have the knowledge that if I ask for a daily reprieve, it will be granted.

    One of the first suggestions I received was to pray every morning and ask God to help me get through today without taking a drink of liquor.
    In a little while I realized that some mysterious power was definitely helping me.

    Hallelujah! God who had always been present had arrived. 🙂

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic. 🙂
    PS – go Royals.

  2. Feeeeelings, who sang that song? I can hear it my head n think it’s Tony Bennett but I’m not sure.

    The funny thing for me, it’s always when i ponder what God has done for me, that I relaize it’s him doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself. Although I talk to him, I can’t really convey the feeling of his presence inside me or outside of me. It’s the search for him, that is my journey and even though I fall of the beaten path, AA has given me the tolls to get back on track. Glad to be sober another day.

    So our Tigers, who smoked Kansas in the their last series, lost to Baltimore who got beat by Kansas. What the Sammy Kershaw mother (*^&%%&?

    really though Good luck with your Giants, Bonster, every other year, huh.

  3. Usually pretty easy to figure out in my “Head” what to do next…and usually pretty quickly…my Spirit requires that I evaluate my emotions, consider my motives, remember our Spiritual Principles, pray, think of other people, check for self-centredness and then proceed. My Heart is at peace when I do so.
    Grateful for the gift.

  4. Went to AA this morning at 6 am. Over 50 people present. This was good news because it tells me that if over 50 alcoholics can make a 6 am meeting the program is helping all of us. Every share has some reference tot their HP. God was the focus. Yes, my head said go early and my heart and spirit was rewarded. My HP, God is helping me with my sobriety. All I have to do is ask is ask.

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