Looking back over our lives, we can often see patches of light and dark, clusters of events that we remember as good times or bad.  During the dark days we probably had little faith in silver linings, little belief that tragedy could yield unexpected blessings.  In fact, we may have been angry at anyone who suggested to us to look for the good side.  And when we were showered with blessings – even if they were right in our face – we probably couldn’t see them for what they were.  We simply didn’t have the tools.  All we could do was keep alert for the down side, and spend so much attention looking for pitfalls that we overlooked the good.
But today it’s different.  When we look back, the past is not so shadowy as it once was.  There were moments of clarity and focus, especially during the dark days.  One of those moments was probably the beginning of our recovery, the moment we began to realize we could no longer live like we had, the moment we began to choose life over death.  We are continuing to choose life every day in recovery, and by this choice we are creating a light even in our darkest days.
I took this last night. A little fuzzy...but there's a rainbow!!

I took this last night. A little fuzzy…but there’s a rainbow!!