You can see further in the dark than in the day!

Looking back over our lives, we can often see patches of light and dark, clusters of events that we remember as good times or bad.  During the dark days we probably had little faith in silver linings, little belief that tragedy could yield unexpected blessings.  In fact, we may have been angry at anyone who suggested to us to look for the good side.  And when we were showered with blessings – even if they were right in our face – we probably couldn’t see them for what they were.  We simply didn’t have the tools.  All we could do was keep alert for the down side, and spend so much attention looking for pitfalls that we overlooked the good.
But today it’s different.  When we look back, the past is not so shadowy as it once was.  There were moments of clarity and focus, especially during the dark days.  One of those moments was probably the beginning of our recovery, the moment we began to realize we could no longer live like we had, the moment we began to choose life over death.  We are continuing to choose life every day in recovery, and by this choice we are creating a light even in our darkest days.
I took this last night. A little fuzzy...but there's a rainbow!!
I took this last night. A little fuzzy…but there’s a rainbow!!

14 thoughts on “You can see further in the dark than in the day!

  1. October 22
    Grapevine Quote

    “The simplicity of this program never changes — what works is constant: trust in God, clean house, and work with others.”
    Concord, Calif., Mary 1997
    “Take My Advice — I’m Not Using It,”
    Emotional Sobriety

  2. “The literature” really is a fascinating study on how Wilson, and hence AA, arrogantly puts themselves in front of all religions and pretends to be some vanguard of “spirituality”. No one knows “spirituality” like they do. Just ask them. ” I never really knew gawd before I joined AA” is somewhat common from preachers and others at meetings. One has to examine that statement very carefully. That somehow AA provides magical insight into a relationship with the divine that they couldn’t get any other way. Smacks of supremacy to me. Those lowly religions just didn’t have the keys to the door, ya know? What hubris.

    • What hubris.

      This my friend is precisely what many people think the 12 step process deals with .
      Thank you for your share and insight.

      • When I criticize someone for having, “a holier than thou” attitude am I getting caught up in a holier than thou attitude?
        When I judge someone else is it like I am pointing my index finger at them and experiencing the fact that three fingers are pointing back at me and the thumb finger is pointing upwards (towards God?) This world is full of people who sit in judgment; just keep your eyes open and you will certainly see one or two and maybe more before this day passes, so just try to test this hypothesis. It’s really fascinating but may I please remember that as I observe them I pray that I might not be just like them.
        I won’t with God’s help! 🙂
        I will with God’s help try to walk, live and exist in His spirit. 🙂
        God help me to help you to help me. 🙂

        • Thanks for the reminder Harry…I have a lot to learn! “There is a God and I’m not it” is one of my favorite AA sayings.

  3. Had a drinking dream last night and weird after not having a drink for 8.5 years. I still get these once and a while but continue to go to meetings, pray, and read my literature. Thanks to AA for keeping me sober. Thanks Yaris for your share…do you have a sponsor?

  4. Nothing wrong with asking questions but making judgments is a bit arrogant in itself and I certainly reflect this statement at times. The 12 steps are a process which works for me and many others. Although they may scoff may they remain to pray.

    Go Giants! (grin)

  5. What I thought was bad (alcoholism) ended up being good, what I thought good (affluence, repute, acclaim) ended up becoming an idol, not bad in itself but bad in my enslavement to it. The human condition is to be broken, imperfect, in dire need of the loving touch of a God who can redeem what is lost and make new what is old. Addiction and addiction alone helped me get to that place where finally, what I thought I needed was what I really needed. Glory be to the God who so afflicted me, brought me to my knees.

    That’s negative hubris in my accounting of things.

  6. I don’t know a good thing and I don’t know a bad thing.
    Certainly not when I’m in it. My judgement is suspect.
    This has been proven to me time and time again.
    Just trying to keep an open mind today.

  7. I agree SMB. Life over death. Drinking has had an impact on my health. At the beginning of 2014, I had a partial stroke (TIA) during a withdraw from alcohol. Took me 2 weeks to recover. During Sept. my pancreas and liver became enlarged and elevated. I had to go into the hospital for treatment. I cannot drink again. The alcohol will kill me. 2014 is the 1st time I have had health problems caused by alcohol. I am finally making good choices: an AA meeting every day; meeting with my sponsor 5 times a week; living in a sober living house; doing the steps again; Attending a relapse prevention and continuing care sessions/classes once a week for 6 months, and living one day at a time. I am an alcoholic, so it is important that I make the right decisions in my life I want a new life over death.

  8. Judgement of others is a human trait. I do it, we all do it to some extent or other.
    My job it to be aware of this and not give a knee jerk reaction to what is different than me.

  9. So, the meaningful interpretation of the BB words “…love and tolerance of others is our code…” that eventually worked for me was to come to believe that the words meant just exactly what they said.
    Grateful for the gift

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