“The most spiritual thing you can do is to help someone.”


One of the most important things I’ve learned in the program is that whenever two alcoholics get together, God is present.  I feel the energy of God flow through me as I talk with, listen to and help another person.  It often takes contrary action for me to reach out, but I am always rewarded with a sense of peace and serenity as I connect with and help another.

It wasn’t always like this.  Selfish and self-centered in the extreme, I crawled into the rooms emotionally bankrupt and in a state of perdition.  I damned God’s energy up inside me, and it almost destroyed me.  Even today I have to guard against my tendency to isolate and self obsess.

Indeed, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned (and seemingly have to re-learn!) is that God’s purpose, and so my purpose, is to be of service.  It is the way out of the prison of self, and it always sets both our spirits free.