Hello, my name is……

“If you don’t like what you hear at a meeting,
then say what you need to hear.”


At a question and answer meeting I used to attend, I often heard questions and comments from people who either don’t enjoy meetings, or who don’t think that particular meeting gives them what they need. “It’s always the same people saying the same things,” I heard them say.  My sponsor shared this quote and suggested they participate and “say what you need to hear.”

In itself this is great advice, but it addresses a fundamental issue as well – being of service. So many people (myself included) go to meetings to get something from them and to feel better afterwards. And most of the time we do. What we may forget sometimes, though, is that meetings are also a perfect place for us to be of service. Often what we end of taking away from a meeting is in direct proportion to what we contributed to it.

These days, whenever I’m feeling annoyed or disinterested at a meeting, I now know to ask myself what “I’m” doing to add to it. This works so well, that I now do this at work, at home, and even at the market.



10 thoughts on “Hello, my name is……

  1. When I was in long-term rehab (11 months of J-O-Y!), our small group meetings never had a topic and the counselor would just say “Your meeting…” at the beginning and we were all expected to share. I found that a bit difficult because I prefer a specific topic to keep the conversation focused. But I still always heard something helpful and had an open mind. I currently alternate between a Big Book meeting and a meeting that comes up with topics from the book “Sober Living.” It’s all good!

  2. 🙂 Seems like every generation and every individual has to learn and relearn that if we want to keep it we have to give it away. 🙂

  3. November 4
    Grapevine Quote

    “I spent the first thirty years making a mess of the life I was given, the next thirty trying to figure out this simple program, and now I can try in the last thirty to loosen up, let life happen, and try to have a little fun.”
    White Rock, British Columbia, May 2005
    “Life — It Happens,”
    No Matter What

  4. I brought the mess with me when I first came in, it’s my job now to bring the message.
    Of course I go to meetings to get something too, the human contact of the fellowship is very important to my well-being. Today I recognize that if I’m not having fun it’s my own damn fault, and this applies to meetings too. I am a part of the Spiritual Entity, and my share can have effect on the tenor of a meeting in a negative or positive manner, the choice is mine.
    I used to only go to what I thought were upbeat, positive meetings, but I have come to realize that seeing the uncomfortable side of recovery (and not recovery) is just as, or more, important to my sobriety. And those are probably the meetings where I can be of the most use to my fellows…….

  5. Meditation and prayer also teach me the art of focusing and listening. I find that the turmoil of the day . Thanks for the shares today, I especially liked what day is it, it is today is the answer. Blessings to each of you. K t

  6. Prayers for all of God’s children this morning. Thinking of Bonnie and wishing her comfort and strength; I am so grateful for her stellar, magnificent and steadfast service. That big train is still rolling right along under a steady, lovely hand.
    Your friends are all here for you.

  7. Today is a stepping stone to a long term goal. Long term sobriety. It seems simple but I have to keep surrendering and accepting God in my life, changing my attitude to be positive, working the steps with my sponsor and praying for sobriety. One day at a time will get me to my goal. It is up to me to make the right choices in life.

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