(Reflection courtesy of Paul D-Grin…thank you Paul for all you do!!!)

Before recovery, I would use just about anything not to feel.  Drugs, alcohol, relationships, food, TV — the list was endless.  Without tools to deal with my feelings, I was uncomfortable and afraid of them, and they often became overwhelming.

In early recovery my sponsor always used to tell me that feelings were not facts.  They were just feelings.  It took me a long time to understand that, but now I know that as bad as some of my feelings are, they won’t kill me.  Recovery has taught me that I can now sit with my feelings and learn what they are trying to teach me.

Today I have come to welcome my feelings rather than run from them.  Today my feelings are like little guides that lead me to the depths of who I am, and I am no longer afraid to go there.  Today I know that to feel is to heal in a sacred and profound way.  Today I am grateful for my feelings.

Photo Courtesy of Tom R

Photo Courtesy of Tom R