I love talking with others, about their lives, their passions, their hopes and dreams.  I love hearing about how they are using the Program in their recovery and how that serves to free them from the bondage of alcoholism.  I love the “communication” I have with the God of my understanding.  I wait for those gentle, mental “nudges” toward the right decision, the right choice, the right attitude, or the right path.  God is always with me, it’s me who forgets that fact.

It is so much easier to be open and honest in my communication with others, in recovery.  I don’t have to think about my past words – the truth is the truth.  Being open can help newcomers to understand that it is good and right to be able to share at group level, that they are a part of the Fellowship and that they have the right to not only speak in meetings, but they have the right to their own opinions.  I try to speak from my heart, not just my head.  I share what my experiences have been in the hopes that others may have use of my past behaviors, if nothing else as an example of what not to do.  I work towards hearing others, both literally and from the heart.  If I ask another “How are you?” and they reply “I’m fine,” I try to take it a step further with “So how is it going with your recovery?”  I do care about others, and “fine” tells me nothing, so I try to keep the door to communication open by earnestly asking about their lives, or their recovery.  Inquiring regarding the well being of another, tells them that someone cares, and sincerely wants to know how they are doing.  Communication is the first behavior that will be altered by the Steps and the Program.  Sharing, one with another is the core of the Program, at its most basic level.  Be that one alcoholic talking with another, or one alcoholic praying to a Higher Power, it all comes down to speaking from the heart not the head. . . that is something the Program taught me, and I serve to pass on what has been given to me.