I used to go “against my grain” trying to “people please.”  I committed acts that caused me to feel shame and regret later.  I always assumed that other people knew “things” about life, that I did not.  I would follow their lead down dark places, ignoring those feelings within that were trying to tell me to: “TURN AROUND!”  “GO BACK!”  THIS WAY IS NOT SAFE!  (They were always loud voices within me).  But I ignored them, nonetheless and would end up going against my basic instincts.  Today, I am so grateful to say that I no longer go against my basic nature.  I work to “listen” to my “self.”

That may mean trusting my instincts even when they are not the same as others around me.  It’s more important for me to be true to myself, than it is to develop friendships based on the desires of others, and not on my own morals.  I am strong enough today to honor and respect myself, to be true to my basic feelings, standards and desires.  These are the Principles I have come to accept as being right for me,  and I work to live within these guidelines, one day at a time.  These six words are written on “birthday” chips:  “To Thine Own Self Be True,” they are there for a reason – to remind me that the road to recovery is smoother when paved with truth and honesty from within.