I am harboring a resentment, right now.  I know better, I know that resentments only hurt me, and that bit of knowledge only adds to my resentment.  Why is it that knowledge of problems does not dispel them?  I know what the Program teaches about resentments.  I know no good can come of retaining a resentment.  I know that gratitude can be used to counter feelings of resentment.  Why do I find it necessary to hold onto resentments when I know what those feelings cause in me?  It’s again, a matter of head over heart.  I “know” what to do – but until I accept that action in my heart, it does not get done.

I surely have other things to do rather than sit here stewing over past poor behaviors of others.  The Program teaches me much in the way of interacting with others.  I may not always like what these “others” have to say about me, or about my choices.  They are entitled to their opinions, just as I am mine.  Staying positive, both in thought and deed, is a big step to “managing” those resentments.  Being willing to voice my thoughts and resentments, if any, is another step towards growth in recovery.  Address the issue and then get on with my life – that’s the action I work to choose.  I have other issues to deal with, other areas where growth is needed, and other behaviors that require not only my attention but my correction/change whenever possible.