Faith in a Power greater than me, greater than my addictions, and greater than my mental and physical obsessions is truly a blessing.  It is the direct result of this new-found faith in my Higher Power, that I have recovered from these defects of character, to some degree. The life I live today is quite the opposite of my previous life, thanks to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and to my Higher Power, God.

Little did I know that I could rely on the God of my understanding, that He would be there for me, always.  Life can throw me some problems that, at first, seem insurmountable; but when I turn to the steps and my Higher Power, things happen!  Faith in God gives me the power I need to be useful to others.  Through the Program, I have learned to rely on my Higher Power for strength to keep going forward in recovery, to keep taking that all important “next step.” I have learned to be useful to others, that they then might pass on what was given to them.  I have learned to stay on my “side of the street”  when it comes to judgment.  My business ends at the end of my nose, the business of others is not my business, nor is it my place to judge.  I am grateful for all the lessons I continue to learn in the Program, and for all the lessons, and that I am BLESSED!!

Photo courtesy of Mark S. Beautiful. If you'd like to submit, email: this24submissions

Photo courtesy of Mark S. Beautiful. If you’d like to submit, email: this24submissions