In the meetings I share my experience, strength, and hope with others who are present.  Usually there is a topic identified for discussion – but in the meetings there is no “crosstalk.”  That means that members are encouraged to speak to their own recovery, their own program, their own relationship to that topic – without direct comments from others.  Communication with others, verbal exchange, comes before and after the meetings, and have been referred to as the “parking lot meetings.”  This is where “conversation” occurs.

I focus on my recovery, and am then available to others, be they sponsees, friends, or simply other members who are on the same road I am – the “Road of Happy Destiny.”  I remember my first days in the Program; the fear, the questions, the feelings of being unsure – and the absolute terror of knowing that I had reached the “last house on the block.”  I had arrived at a place of peace, a place where solutions were found, I found a “group” of friends who shared with me, not just the insanity of my disease, but the solution to many of my “life problems.”  I had arrived at God’s door, and it was wide open, all I needed was the courage to take one more step – I am forever grateful that God gave me the strength to take that final step towards recovery.  Once through the door, I found the “place” I had been searching for.  “Someone” had saved me a seat, “someone” said they had been waiting for me, and that “someone” turned out to be my Higher Power –  Thanks, God!