Loneliness is a choice for me.  I don’t have to be lonely, I know today that I can change that with a quick phone call, a prayer, a meeting, or some type of communication with another, especially if that person is also a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.  There are times when I “feel” lonely, the difference today is that I know I don’t have to stay stuck in those feelings.  I can change my behavior, which will inevitably change my feelings.

I am grateful for my commitments as they help to break up my day.  I feel better when I have a more balanced day which includes various activities and events.  I believe that God is present in my life and that He encourages me to “reach out” to others, be they friends, family, trudge buddies, or merely acquaintances.  To that end I will dedicate at least 3 hours today towards participating in my own recovery – which means a meeting later today, lunch with a sponsee, phone calls to others (at least 5 others) and I also intend to spend some time with my Higher Power who always comforts me.  Loneliness?  I choose not to feel those feelings – instead I choose to participate in my life and in the program if Alcoholics Anonymous.