It’s not always easy to identify myself, when someone asks “What do you do?”  When I think about it, it’s a kind of funny question.  I mean I “do” lots of different things, but what I do doesn’t always define who I am.  I can counter that question with another, like “Do you mean work-wise, or are you asking about my marital or spiritual status?”  There are many responses to that question.  I’m no longer belligerent when asked “Who are you?”  That’s another question that can generate many answers.  I try to help the conversation by defining just what information is being requested of me.  I no longer feel the need to divulge my entire life to people I am meeting for the first time.  More information can be revealed as the relationship progresses.
Who is the “real me?”  I am a complex human being, just like everyone else.  To try to simplify the definition of anyone, is a disservice to them.  There are physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional “sides” to me, and many of these seem to be in a constant state of flux.  I am ever changing, growing and becoming the person God always intended me to be.  With the help of God and the Program of A.A., I believe that I will continue to change and grow, continue to learn new life lessons which will help me to accept the “real” me, whoever that may be.
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