Sharing is always a good topic, but not often thought of.  Where I come from the meeting format is usually a “topic” meeting.  Rather than have a Chair and a Secretary, we only have what we termed as a Chair – which was someone who ran or conducted the meeting.  Topics were suggested when the “sign-in sheet” was passed around the tables.  Speaker meetings were held once a month and members were invited to share their experience, strength and hope at that time.  Where I live currently, the format is a little different.  Most meetings call for a Secretary who leads the meeting, and someone they have asked to Chair.  After they relate their trip to the tables, a topic is usually selected and members are called on to relate their experience as it relates to that topic.
So with perseverance and honesty, I have accumulated some time in the Program – and I am still a “student.”  I have learned to share from my heart, not my head.  For one thing, I was a blackout drinker, and much of my “story” was lost along the way.  I have had the experience of relating how it was, what happened, and what my life is like now.  It always surprises me when I share my story; new memories crop up, old memories are forgotten, and my “story” is never the same, as a result.  I try to focus on the here and now of my recovery, as that is the crux of my sobriety – what “tools” of the Program I use, how service to others has become a part of my recovery, how important the meetings are, and how the “fellowship” of the Program helps me to overcome those old behaviors of isolation and despair.  How it is now – well I’m so much happier than I ever anticipated, I’m so much at peace with my inner “devils” than I ever anticipated . . . and . . . I am so blessed to have found the courage to just be me, warts and all – it is truly more than I ever anticipated.