Love is a Blessing

I have found  love in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and today I can give love as well as receive it. I have found a love never before expected, the love of my Higher Power, God. More importantly I have learned to express my love for others. Today I have the capacity to love many people, and have learned to express that love in a multitude of ways. I care enough to be of service to others, I care enough to want to help others, and I care enough to provide support whenever it is requested. I love the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous for teaching me how to love others, without any expectation. I accept others as they are, and if problems arise in my relationships; I look to my part, at my behavior. Today I no longer assume that problems are the “other person’s” issue, now I try to see where I went wrong.

Love is a feeling of “wanting to be a better person.” I shall never be able to fully express the gratitude that I have for what has been “given” to me. I truly feel that God guided me to the rooms of recovery, that I might then be of service to others and to that end I dedicate my life, and my love. Now I see that it was another step which brought me closer to you, the loving God I have in my life today.

Photo Courtesy of Nina
Photo Courtesy of Nina

5 thoughts on “Love is a Blessing

  1. Good to read these words, but not easy to live this way. This is the ideal and “pink cloud” memories….I have to work to get back to a positive state of mind one day at a time.

  2. “Let us love you until you can love yourself.”
    Trite? yes.
    True? absolutely!
    I have had to be shown what love is, and how to love, and be loved…….
    I am beginning to comprehend a phrase I had heard all my life; “God is love”.
    And I thought this was about not drinking.

  3. I think love is thinking more about the other person and less about myself, actually working for their thriving. This is so contrary to my nature that, like humility, I am not sure I’ll ever really get near to it. But in the progress-not-perfection realm, at least now I know that love without a sacrificial element isn’t love at all, it’s just well wishes that cost nothing, avail nothing, change nothing. Real love bleeds, endures, forgives the unforgiveable. I know, because I’ve been a recipient of that kind of undeserved love. God help me to pay it forward.

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