Life goes on, and on.  I can either work to “stay with the program” or I can just sit back and watch the world leave me in the dust.  I believe that recovery from alcohol is one example of the progress that we, as humans, have made in the last several generations.  Awareness of the disease of alcoholism is prevalent in society today, much more so than it was say 60 or 70 years ago.  There was that period we called Prohibition where alcohol became illegal, and the “bootlegger” was born.  Today we hear about recovery programs almost daily, as many of the “rich and famous” work to rid themselves of their obsessions and compulsions.  Plus many newcomers to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous come to the rooms directly from one program or another.  And then there is the criminal system which enables judges to request participation in A.A. as one of the conditions of their unlawful behavior.  DUI’s almost always require some form of recovery, and most often it is A.A.

My life is ever-changing, and has been in a constant state of flux since I walked through the doors.  Others see changes in me that I may not have noticed, but I also see changes when I look back at the me of yesterday, to the me of today.  I thank God for all the changes I have made, with His help,  understanding and above all patience with me.  Today I welcome change – for the most part – and continue to work towards a life of sobriety, that I might then be happy, joyous and free.