3 Steps to Change….

I firmly believe that awareness is the first step towards change, closely followed by acceptance and action.  That’s my “trilogy” for change.  Awareness tells me that there is a problem, and further helps me to define what that problem is, and how it relates to my life, my “program” and my desire for change.  I came to awareness slowly, as I discounted much of my problems as being the results of  the actions of others, not myself.  When I finally began to see that it was my actions, my behaviors and my erroneous perceptions of life that were causing me problems, I could then search out a solution – I regained some control by this acceptance of “owning” my problems.  My life was in my hands and in God’s hands – not in the hands of the “others.”

Temporary discomfort from awareness tells me “Okay, there is a problem, now what can I do about it?”  I have found in A.A. the solutions that I needed, to make the changes that bring me closer to maturity in my actions and attitude.  I accept that my life is my responsibility – I am an adult, I can trust not only my Higher Power, God, but I can trust myself to know what direction is the “right” one for me.  I need only remain Honest, Open and Willing. . . The “HOW” of A.A.  Together with my Higher Power, God, I can and do find new ways of dealing with old problems.  It’s a “Step” at a time, a day at a time, and a solution at a time. Blessings to you and YOURS on Thanksgiving…and Thank you for the opportunity to serve. This commitment has helped me in more ways than you will ever know~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!



9 thoughts on “3 Steps to Change….

  1. “God’s goodness hath been great to thee.
    Let never day nor night unhallowed pass the still remember what the Lord hath done.” 🙂
    William Shakespeare

    • “God’s goodness hath been great to thee.
      Let never day nor night unhallowed pass but still remember what the Lord hath done.” 🙂
      William Shakespeare

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, this 24 family, thank each of you for your share of, experience , strength and hope. I am very grateful. Thank you Bonnie for your. Rigor and relevant shares each day. Blessings kt

  3. I’d never heard the ” Three A’s” before.
    Thank you, Bonnie, for a great tool.
    I am grateful for the awareness that I can have a life well worth living now.
    When, eventually, I am able to accept “life on life’s terms” then I gain the perspective to understand my true place in the scheme of things.
    You showed that if I would but ” act as if”, seeking His will for me, then I would find myself being useful.
    May we all know the Peace of God’s Love.

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