I have opened my mind and my heart to the spiritual aspect of recovery that I found in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I did not anticipate this when I first arrived at the tables, but when I saw the slogans on the wall, I sensed that A.A. ran deeper than I knew.  It also scared me a little, as I truly thought God had rejected me as defective in my youth.  I had a lot of misconceptions, and wrong ideas about recovery in my early years.  To begin with I thought it was something that I would “complete.”  It was not.  There is no “graduating” from A.A., it is, instead, a life-long program of change and growth.

So the bottom line seems to be to keep an open mind when it comes to the spiritual aspect of the Program.  I am not alone when it comes to my search for the spiritual, and I feel truly blessed to have found my acceptance and belief in the power of a God of my understanding.  There are many sources for recovery, but the one that truly works for me, and countless others – that search ended with the phrase “I Came to Believe.”