Working the Steps means that my mind, my problem gets diverted from the issue causing my negative feelings, to something that has been shown to have a positive effect on my life, my thinking and my behavior.  Choosing to work a Step means that I am looking for a way out of the morass of the circular thinking that was prevalent when I drank.  I used to think “I have a problem because I drink too much,”  followed closely by ” I drink too much and it’s a problem.”  Round and round my mind would go.  But with A.A. I have found solutions to the problems, and have learned that circular thinking is just as fruitless as walking in circles, I get nowhere.
There are many “diversions” in the Program, the walls of most A.A. meeting place usually have several of our slogans posted, prayer is another way of finding my way back to the right path, and then there are the Steps which never cease to amaze me with their intuition, depth and knowledge.  The “tools” of the Program are many and plentiful.  Working the Steps is something that is an ongoing thing in my recovery, it does not matter how much sobriety I have, I can always use the Steps to help me get over, around, or through the rough patches in life, for as I know sobriety does not remove my problems, but it does help me learn to “deal” with them, that I might then find the harmony and balance I want in my life.