When I get “away” from the Program, my thinking changes from “What can I do” to “What I want is . . .” and that’s where my “stinking thinking” begins, and rational thought leaves me.  When I take that step away from God’s will and towards my will, I can then expect problems and troubles to follow.   I am an alcoholic, I cannot drink with any sureness of what will follow, once I take that first drink.  I believe that for me to drink is to cut short my life span – to deviate from God’s plan for me.  Drinking, for me, is just another form of suicide.  I, for one, am grateful that I am not ready to lay down and give up my life.
Taking that one big step away from my own selfish thoughts and towards helping others, immediately puts me on firmer ground.  I place myself in the loving and protective hands of my Higher Power, God.  I pray for the willingness to want sobriety more than I want to drink.  I take whatever action I need to take, to get myself back on track – the track that leads to recovery.  Stepping up for service, in all its various forms, gives me something to do with myself until such time as my disease comes up against the brick wall of my Spirit, my Higher Power.  This spirit is called a Higher Power for a reason – it is more powerful than the disease of alcoholism.  My part is to have faith, stay the course, pray, and know in my heart and my mind that God’s will for me is to stay sober and help others.  Recovery is not always easy but it remains simple in both design and purpose.  We have a slogan that fits here – it’s “Think, think, think.” ♥
Just Good Enough