In Step Twelve the desired result is a spiritual awakening.  First I need to define the terms used in Step Twelve.  “Awakening – to become aware from a state of awareness; to induce, call forth, or bring out a reaction or emotion; to cease sleeping.”  And then we have “spiritual” or “spiritually” which is defined as : of the spirit or soul as distinguished from the body or material matters.  It can further be described as “of, from, or pertaining to God, deity or Higher Power.”

I was an “unbeliever” when I first came through the doors, but I had such a strong desire for change in my life that I was willing to listen, to consider and to adopt as my own the Program of A.A., to accept the Twelve Steps as my guides to recovery, and to believe in the idea of a Higher Power as the one power greater than my disease. The Twelve Steps can also be called the “phases” of recovery.  I visualized a staircase leading up, and at the top of this staircase, I found the God of my understanding there, waiting for me, one of his elusive children, with open arms.  He reaches down and lifts me up into the love and warmth of his embrace.  I begin to understand what has transpired in my own life, that change and transformation have occurred as the result of the Program.  It is now my privilege and honor to carry forth the message of recovery that I found at the tables of A.A.  My “awakening” has taken place, I am now and forever will be “one of God’s chosen ones.”