Getting into action was a key element in my sobriety.  Being of service to my home group helped me to stay the course to recovery, and further educated me on the vastness of A.A., as it is so much more than the four walls of my Fellowship – but that is where my program begins and ends, with the one Fellowship I call my “home group.”  I needed a true sense of belonging, as my life before recovery was one long tale of constant moving, constant changing, and constant upheaval.  It was only when I struggled to fit in by being of service that I really began to feel “a part of.”
I can learn, I can grow, and I can change – but just reading is not enough, just sitting in on meetings is not enough, just never stepping up to help out – it’s not enough.  Awareness and acceptance do not work unless it is coupled with action.  I can feel the need to apologize to another, but until I take the action of actually making the apology, I will not experience the blessings of that act.  It always surprises me that our Fellowship has a membership of well over 200, and yet we never seem to have more than 10-15 at a Business Meeting, and it is usually the same 10-15 people who make themselves available for service positions.  I had a strong sponsor who encouraged service by example – and I am grateful for those lessons.  I want A.A. to always be there whenever another reaches out for help – and to that end I dedicate my energies and my spirit.