Remaining Willing

Old business – it’s still there, it doesn’t go away until I take some action to correct or amend the problem or issue.  There are many old issues in my life that I cannot correct directly.  Instead I make amends in ways that others may see as “nontraditional.”  There are financial amends that I owe to others – but I have no idea where they are or how to get in touch with them.  So I try to add a little extra in the form of financial donations, to A.A. and to other functions in the community where I live.
Yes, I have unfinished business in my life.  It is my fervent hope that my actions today offset some of those old negative actions of days gone by.  The Program knows that easing that burden will help me to grow – emotionally and spiritually.  It’s just like other amends I make – my job is to remain willing, to be as honest as I am capable of at this time in my life, and to remember nothing changes if nothing changes.  I have worked to “clean” my slate, there are some things that will never be corrected, dishonors that will never be honored – but today I am willing to do whatever is needed to make amends to others, and to myself.  My name is at the top of the list called for in Step Eight.  I forgive those who harmed me, and I forgive me for harming others, including myself.  Today I will take some action that speaks to that willingness.
Photo Courtesy of Tom R
Photo Courtesy of Tom R

8 thoughts on “Remaining Willing

  1. Spot on Bonnie.
    I also often wonder where oh where the others are and it reminds me of a reading yesterday which say’s,” all we can do is hope and pray that they remain vigilante”, including myself.

    Last nights meeting is a group of very broken individuals. So me and my buddy of ten years sobriety used some of our old and new skills for a good cause encouraging others into some service postions that aren’t ordinarily existent at this group level. A group of 12 now has a chair, co-chair, 2new gsr’s a door hugger or greeter, secretary,co-secretary, and a treasurer, co- treasurer.
    Just when you think your life sucks a little, ya hear a story about how someone has a stalker, wages got lost and her heater broke while living in a trailer here in MI’s cold winter. Another young lady’s living with a pervert, who’s her momma’s boyfriend’s brother. I think we all wanted to go hang the perv by his boyhood and this lady’s our new door greeter. We also helped the other lady, who has a stalker, on how to get help from the police who havn’t been so co-operative. Thank God she’s got a phone and has saved the text’s the perv’s sent her

    I forgot to mention that last Monday night i got to speak and talked a bit about the tools I’ve used for recovery in which this group has been a huge part of. Thanks you guys! God bless!

    • …thanks for letting us see this simple program in action; quite a road we’ve been on over the last few years. It’s a treat to watch, Dan.
      Much peace.

  2. Willingness like acceptance changes nothing. And if nothing changes…well nothing changes. Unless I follow my willingness up with positive and appropriate action (What ever that may be) my willingness is moot.

  3. A gathering of kindred spirits, gathering strength and hope from each other. Reaffirming our innate dignity and humanity by learning that it is in the giving that we receive. Daily we seek to hear His will that we may do as He directs.
    Grateful for God’s love and the tender mercies we have been empowered to bestow.
    Quite a change, a psychic shift, to a new way of life.
    Travel well, friends

  4. Nice to have a program that allows me to get along with God, myself and others, if I am willing, and follow through…..
    More flowers would be nice, but all I can do is add my two cents on a daily basis, and hope it is of some use.
    Every little action that I take toward recovery is insurance.

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