Complacency is something I have to be mindful of, constantly.  In order for recovery to work for me, I have to work towards it – and that means every day, not just sometime.  Getting out of the habit of attending meetings is the beginning, for me.  Pretty soon I find that I am not only not attending meetings, but I have stopped meditating, and praying every day.  It also could mean that I have not kept in touch with others in the Program, I may be isolating, not reading daily messages of recovery in the many books available in A.A.  Getting out of the “habit” of A.A. comes easily, when I am not careful.  And each time that happens my path back to the Program becomes a little steeper and harder to climb.

In the dictionary complacency is described as being unconcerned, also self-satisfied, or an unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.  In other words if I allow complacency to set it, my true sense of recovery will become faded – to the point of extinction – and then back out into the insanity of drinking becomes a real danger for me.  And I, for one, do not believe that I have another “recovery” in me, I doubt that I would survive another bout with King Alcohol. When I get right down to it, its work the Program or die – and what a sad death that would be. Some of the “normies” wonder at our dedication to the Program, and why we have “to attend all those meetings.”   I am grateful for the meetings, I am grateful that service and dedication can offset complacency in the Program, and as always I am eternally grateful for the Program, the Steps and Traditions, and for allowing me to reconnect with my Higher Power.