Being open-minded means allowing others to come to their own conclusions, and find their own way to recovery. There are different ways and approaches to sobriety, but the Program of A.A. strongly suggests that I make use of what has worked for others. There are some basic guidelines to the Program, and while the term “suggest” is used, many find that to mean “must.” Or as it is said in the Program, “If you want what we have, you need to do what we do.” I know that I “must” practice abstinence. I know that I “must” work the Steps. I know that I “must” find my Higher Power, and become willing to follow His will for me. While I know there are some definite “musts” in the Program, I also know that I must come to an acceptance of these “musts” on my own. I “must” find my own path to recovery. . . no one can force to me an acceptance of A.A.

I try to reach out to others, especially those who are new to the Program. Doing anything to help can mean a variety of things; from rides to meetings, to conversations before and after the meetings, to phone calls to and from the newcomer, however that may define itself, I work to remain available and willing to be of service to others. I only need remember how I felt when I was new – how unsure of everything I was, how scared I was to walk through that door, how impossible the task of getting sober seemed. Having someone to talk with always helps – and then I remind myself that is HOW we work the Program – by being Honest, Open-minded, and Willing. That applies to not only the newcomer but to those of us who have been in the Program a while – regardless of our time in the Program, we all need to remember HOW.



13 thoughts on “H.O.W.

  1. Well I need to “wet my whistle”.
    You see my spit and spirit has gotten kind of dry as I have been sitting before this computer and reading from various websites for over an hour now.
    I think I’ll get a drink of water.
    I have a little device known as DeskBot available at http://bellcraft.com/deskbot/
    which reads to me the printed content on websites. He’s my little trusted companion. He doesn’t bombard me with any kind of advertisements or promotions.

    Does God offer me any kind of advertisements or promotions?

    He does offer me his kingdom in exchange for giving up selfishness and self-centeredness.

    This seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Maybe I’ll give it a try!

    Let’s see, I have been on this pathway to the best of my ability now for nearly 28 years with a certain kind of abstinence as the lodestone and by cracky every once in a while I feel it.
    . 🙂

  2. what continues to baffle me is who seems to be convicted of staying sober. I had one sponsee who was working hard, then bam he’s gone. Now there’s one who’s back whom i thought would never do any work and has like changed overnight into a like able person. I had lost hope for this man and thought I’d be reading his obit. I hope he sticks and stays, I’m gonna stick and stay for another day.

  3. When I carry the message I can only share my experience, strength and hope. AA is an action program so I don’t have to explain or defend theories. I can say, this is what I did and this might work for you.

  4. Yep.
    I try and remember I am to be “an instrument of Your peace” .
    So someone else’s sobriety, or lack thereof, does not reflect on my intrinsic worth. I am responsible for the hand of AA being there, in whatever form, after reflection, best serves the still suffering alcoholic.
    A lot of times this means this nothing more than a silent prayer and heartfelt wishes for their recovery. Other times it means finding a better “match” than myself for a newcomer. Or, to pray for inspiration as to how to best help.
    At the very least, I am reminded of my gratitude for this simple program.

  5. Good morning my friends!
    By the Grace of God, and because folks like you carried (and carry) the message to me, I can celebrate 14 years without a drink or any other stuff today. Truly a miracle for a guy who had to drink every day. I get to go up to the mountains and have lunch and a meeting with sober people whom I love.
    Truly a gift. The message is simple; if it can work for a guy like me……

  6. Yes ,

    Thor has a wonderful 14 years sober. Please gives him kudos for leaving his wife who has loved him & stuck by him for 34 years.Dumped from his life like a piece of garbage.

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