I Feel GOOD…………

I don’t always like my feelings, but through the Program I have learned that I no longer have to respond to every feeling I have.  I am capable of just feeling the feeling, and then letting it go.  I don’t have to start yelling and screaming at others because I’m angry; I can quietly acknowledge those feelings, try to understand where the feelings are coming from, and express the feelings verbally to others; be they friends, family, or my sponsor.  I am grateful that I can accept my feelings today – without judging whether they are right or wrong, just that they do exist.

There are counter feelings that may help the emotional side of feelings – if I am angry, I can try for feelings of being happy; if I am sad and blue, I can try for feelings of joy by remembering better times or better circumstances than my present situation.  I don’t have to stay with negative feelings forever, I can work towards the positive feelings – and I only have to go as far as my memory will take me.  When was the last time I laughed so hard I cried?  When the last time I felt small, sweet arms hug me?  When was the last time I did something that made me feel good about myself?  For every negative feeling there is a positive action.



8 thoughts on “I Feel GOOD…………

  1. Is my God, was my God, will my God be a God of surprises?
    Did he bring me to AA for what I thought was just because I need some help with my drinking only to right quickly find that I found him there.
    When I continue to attend meetings who do I expect to be there?
    It is said and I believe it is true; “God comes to every AA meeting”.
    And when a couple of people or more are gathered in his name, he is there.
    And furthermore, wherever God is his kingdom is also.
    And is it any surprise that his kingdom is free of any disharmony and discord and consists only of peace and serenity.
    . 🙂
    How odd is this God! (I’m reminded of Walt Breuggemann’s remark that “The strangest thing about the Bible is God.”)

    To say “none like you” is not just saying, “you’re the best.” It is also saying, “God, you never cease to surprise us. You never cease to do things in unexpected ways, through unexpected people. Just when we think we have you figured out, you surprise us once again.

    You come to us as a completely vulnerable, flesh-and-blood baby who is born, not in the right neighborhood, but in the wrong one, and who is born not to the perfect family, but to a—well—different kind of family, in a different kind of way . . . and yet it is all perfect, just perfect.

    God you are odd. There is none like you. Thanks be to God.—


  2. . We must try to get guidance from the Divine Mind as to what His intention is for the world and what part we can have in carrying out that intention.

    Thank you for the shares filled w questions that invoke thoughts of why not? Who am I to say this or not this ?

    Thanks for sharing experience.

  3. I still default to “how do I feel about this?” rather than “what am I going to do about this?”. If I focus on the latter, I get up, get moving and the former just seems to not matter too much. Feelings, I’ve found, are always, always, always governed by what I do (or don’t do). I don’t ignore them now, but they don’t sit on the throne as they once did. Thank God for that.

    But He has given me the gift of feeling deeply. I’m pretty sure His intent was that I might actually use that gift for something useful, not to drown them with drugs and alcohol.

    • I like what you said Jack, What am i going to do about this?”. Some days I wonder why I haven’t heard this before and we both know I probably have but I was stuck inside me apparently.

      God bless folks!

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