Today, I have friends – many friends – I’m happy to say.  I think the reason I have friends is because I have learned to be a friend, without smothering or engulfing others.  I have a group of women whom I call my “sponsees.”  They are each unique and different in many ways, and yet they all have a strong desire to get sober and stay that way. Friends are truly one of the benefits of sobriety.  I have learned to be a friend, I have learned to have friends, and I have learned that when my family cannot understand me I can always count on my friends to understand me . . . because we all speak the language of the heart. Maggs, Double D(3D), Jaybird, Tom S, Tom R, Bill, Jack, PAUL(GRIN), DOC, Kt, All of you who come to This24 on a daily basis….Thank you for hanging with me on this journey. Zuzu….without you and Oggy, this wouldn’t be happening!! Blessings to all!!!