Keep your recovery first to make it last…….

The quote suggests a number of options available to those of us who are in recovery, for getting through the Holidays.  When I look for “clean and sober” events, I find them.  There are others that I know of in the Program who may not have family to share these times with, or some that have family, but that family is not always “safe” to be around.  I have family that deny my alcoholism, and I have family that deny my recovery.  I cannot control others – what they think, what they do, and what they say is out of my jurisdiction.  I need to watch my expectations when it comes to gifts, instead I choose to concentrate on giving gifts, and do not expect gifts – that means that every gift I do get is a wonderful surprise.

Regardless of what you believe, and we do not all believe the same things, Christmas is a reason for gratitude and remembering our many blessings, if for nothing else, the joy that sobriety brings.