Keep it First

Keep your recovery first to make it last…….

The quote suggests a number of options available to those of us who are in recovery, for getting through the Holidays.  When I look for “clean and sober” events, I find them.  There are others that I know of in the Program who may not have family to share these times with, or some that have family, but that family is not always “safe” to be around.  I have family that deny my alcoholism, and I have family that deny my recovery.  I cannot control others – what they think, what they do, and what they say is out of my jurisdiction.  I need to watch my expectations when it comes to gifts, instead I choose to concentrate on giving gifts, and do not expect gifts – that means that every gift I do get is a wonderful surprise.

Regardless of what you believe, and we do not all believe the same things, Christmas is a reason for gratitude and remembering our many blessings, if for nothing else, the joy that sobriety brings.



6 thoughts on “Keep it First

  1. Our Three Legacies must be kept intact. In Recovery, we get sober together; in Unity, we work together for the good of our Steps and Traditions; and through Service — we give away freely what has been given to us.”
    One of the chief gifts of my life has been to know that I will have no message to give, unless I recover in unity with A.A. principles.

    I relate to Bonnie share about giving and not expecting. I pray for people who are alone, that they will be comforted by a spiritual hp they can call their own. Blessings y o readers and sharers.

  2. Love the quote Bonster and i loved the video Paul, from the other day. Staying sober is my number prioroity too and it’s not always easy. I shared last night that if my sobriety relied upon one sponsor or one man or woman to get my call and listen to my pity party, I’d be drunk and dead today. it’s not even always easy to pray to God during my,” out of sorts times” as I see in hindsight that i resist sharing my crap with God casue i still wanna control it. As i progress often I see how he’s done for me what i coulnd’t do for myself if only I’ll turn it over and think of him, the struggle would subside much quicker. Dear Lord what is your plan for me today and how may i be of use to you today. Please take away all that stands in the way of my usefulness to you today, I give you all of me, good and bad.

    I’ve got some wonderful quotes of hope from the internet the other day which I’d like to share, probably one or two a day for the next few days if i can make time here. ” Without hope there is no despair. There’s only meaningless suffering”,C.D. Morganstern

    ” We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken”, John Green.

    ” The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure but from hope to hope”, Samuel Johnson

    ” Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty something makes sense regardless of how it turns out”, Vaclev Havel

    Hope is my favorite word and it was AA that helped me find hope, God, peace and serenity. God bless my friends!

  3. Christmas is a wonderful time to be able to utilize the tools that were presented to me. The frantic holiday pace seems to sometimes bring out our character defects in spades, and it’s nice to be able to (sometimes) recognize some of that in myself, and perhaps practice restraint of tongue and pen. I sure identify with Harry’s feeling of not having ever done enough at this time of year, though I dislike the realization that lengthy sobriety may not eventually remove that feeling…..
    Keep on trudging!

  4. one of my character defects is the need to control. During the holidays, this defect becomes positive. I have to control who I am with, where I go, depression from guilt, feeling alone, not trusted, hope for another sober year and fear that I might relapse. Maybe control is not the right action. Being aware of people, places and things that could threaten my sobriety is the key to stay sober. I have to do the right thing.

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