Generosity of Heart

I have had the honor and pleasure of learning from others in the Program about generosity. I have learned from the example of generosity practiced by others, and have also stopped declining generosity from others. A simple “thank you” is in order most of the time when others are being generous with me. I work to rid myself of the phrase “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” Allowing others to be generous is the other half of what generosity is comprised of. I have found that I am generous in different ways – and that I enjoy being generous with others. I love giving to others, just to see a smile cross their faces.

The Program of A.A. teaches me many spiritual principles, one of which is humility. I have the ability to be generous through the blessings of generosity that God graces me with. It is only with His love and teachings that I am capable of the growth required to fully believe in the principle of ‘brotherly love’ and have come to know that I am connected to all others in the world, and particularly those in the rooms of A.A. I believe in karma and know that what I project, I get back in some form. So when it comes to giving I am now more willing to give and no longer expect something in return every time I give. I give because I can, I give because I want to, and I give because it makes me feel good about me.

For those of you who knew TREE? She posted a comment to the About page…check it out… and say Hi back!! LOL

Merry Christmas Wide (10)


14 thoughts on “Generosity of Heart

  1. George B quite often said, “You can’t out give God”.
    He committed suicide over a dozen years ago.
    I miss my old friend.

  2. My earliest Christmas memory was a time in the late ’30’s when we got oranges!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚
    My bleakest was Christmas 1986 😦 ; my sobriety anniversary date is 1,23,1987 πŸ™‚

  3. As I sit here and contemplate the mystery and meaning of Christmas, amidst the commercial debauchery I’ve allowed in, I can’t help but recall:

    Silent night, holy night
    All is calm
    All is bright

    Quite a contrast from the sound and fury of active addiction. No silence, no calm, just desperately hoping for its arrival, looking in all the wrong places. Can’t out give God indeed! Merry Christmas all.

  4. Blessings upon us all!
    Gonna be a groovy day…gonna hit a meeting, share with my trudge buddies, enjoy the presence of my wife, remember to listen and smile a bunch, and pray to keep my “old amigo” , my ego, in the bunkhouse for today.
    Deeply grateful for this site and the “cast of characters” that occupy it.
    More than one miracle shows up here.
    And, yes Doc, I can feel the impact of oranges on Christmas Day; reminds me of something my Dad would say from time to time.
    Grateful for His Grace.

  5. Hi all! Life has been a roller coaster this year! I picked up a 24 hour chip the other day to celebrate the fact that I didn’t drink during Fordy’s illness and the year that followed after his death! That 24 hour chip, meetings, my sponsor and you all got me through it 24 hours at a time!!! Thank you and merry Christmas!

  6. Thanks to God and the AA program I have learned the meaning of Gratitude. I used to practice gratitude, but I did it with material things. I hardly did it as a spiritual principle. I do this it spirituality now especially at night when I thank God for another day of sobriety and the good things that occurred in my life during the day.
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  7. (((Maggie)))
    I was told early to respond with acts of generosity toward me with a simple “Thank You and then shut up.
    So to all of you at this24 Thank you…then shut up. (GRIN)
    Wishing you all a peaceful ChristmasI

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