I have had the honor and pleasure of learning from others in the Program about generosity. I have learned from the example of generosity practiced by others, and have also stopped declining generosity from others. A simple “thank you” is in order most of the time when others are being generous with me. I work to rid myself of the phrase “Oh, you shouldn’t have.” Allowing others to be generous is the other half of what generosity is comprised of. I have found that I am generous in different ways – and that I enjoy being generous with others. I love giving to others, just to see a smile cross their faces.

The Program of A.A. teaches me many spiritual principles, one of which is humility. I have the ability to be generous through the blessings of generosity that God graces me with. It is only with His love and teachings that I am capable of the growth required to fully believe in the principle of ‘brotherly love’ and have come to know that I am connected to all others in the world, and particularly those in the rooms of A.A. I believe in karma and know that what I project, I get back in some form. So when it comes to giving I am now more willing to give and no longer expect something in return every time I give. I give because I can, I give because I want to, and I give because it makes me feel good about me.

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