The Christmas story is very simple: it tells of a birth, the birth of a first child to poor parents with an uncertain future. So what is it about the story that holds such appeal, that has allowed so many other stories and traditions to grow up around it? Why does it have such a place in our hearts? Maybe it has to do with the way it taps into our deepest longings, those things we desire that can help us cope with just about anything: love and trust.

In the midst of the love we are all invited, just like the people in the story to trust that a Higher Power is here and cares deeply as each of us deals with the joys and sorrows , the hopes and disappointments of everyday. This story affirms that we all have a value and a unique dignity that lifts us up and empowers us to move beyond ourselves and to take the risk of reaching out to others, always trusting that God is present in the simple stuff. So it is with Alcoholics Anonymous. Merry Christmas my friends….and to all a good night! ♥♥♥

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