Step 12

The steps of Alcoholics Anonymous walk us through the journey of waking up to the reality and the truth about ourselves. We learn to detach from our ego, our Personal Self, our past wrong actions, emotions and thoughts, so that we may live in the “sunlight of spirit” and express the love within us in our lives. Step Twelve is expressed through being of service and service can be defined as love in action. This new perspective on life is made possible by a spiritual awakening, which brings about a personality shift, a paradigm shift, and a new passion to our lives.

We can express this step by living a life that includes all of the steps, every day. This is our personal evolution as humans, from a personality, “me” oriented perspective, to a realization that we are not separate and alone, that we are one with all things in the Universe. Our new mission is to express love in all areas of our lives. As the day of giving and receiving closes, it is with gratitude and love for my life that I say “THANK YOU!”



4 thoughts on “Step 12

  1. I agree with Harry!
    I would like to share another gift given to me yesterday that i never knew of before then. Joe and Charlie tapes on YouTube. I thought it was funny cause i was just feeling a bit bored with no immediate purpose, then my friend from Texas text me this info. I thought, how cool is that, now I’ve got something constructive to do for the next hour or so. The night before I had shared at the meeting how i was feeling stale in my sponsoring becasue no ones helped me help them lately in going through the steps. Joe and Charlie tapes should help me freshen up a bit on working the steps which I will be more than grateful for passing on. Hope this helps someone as it has and will me. God bless!

  2. Great stuff
    I like the line from the old song “…this little light o’ mine gonna shine…”.
    The Twelfth Step reminds me of who I have become, what I am to do and how to do it.
    And I get a life of peace, deepening connections and purpose. It would be my judgement that such a life is available to all who seek it, it must be “sought” constantly and that relatively few do.
    Today I pray to be still and to realise that “God Is”.

  3. “faith without works is dead”. This is a key statement for step 12. I must work with other alcoholics individuals and individuals who are not alcoholic. My spiritual awakening process is one of gratitude for the help I have received from God and the AA program and to carry the message of sobriety and spirituality to other alcoholics. I share my experience, strength, and hope with others.

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