Steps to the Principals

Joy – a definition: The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune, or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; delight, gaiety; a state of happiness; to experience great pleasure or delight.

Step Twelve has three different parts to it – first it proclaims that we have had a “spiritual awakening” from working the Steps, then it continues on to our efforts to “carry the message,” and then finally it urges us to “practice these principles in all our affairs.” Now, I have to agree that if all three of these actions are accomplished, that feelings of joyfulness would abound. Carrying the message to others keeps reaffirming those self-same blessings that I have received.

There are so many avenues to joy in the Program, I need only look. I see it in the faces of those around the tables, I read it in the writings and literature of the Program, I hear it in the laughter, and feel it in the hugs of those close to me. The joy of living is certainly available to all who participate in recovery. I am grateful for being able to feel joy in my life, once again.

Photo Courtesy of Tom S
Photo Courtesy of Tom S

6 thoughts on “Steps to the Principals

  1. Meditation for the Day

    People are failures in the deepest sense when they seek to live without God’s sustaining power. Many people try to be self-sufficient and seek selfish pleasure and find that it does not work too well. No matter how much material wealth they acquire, no matter how much fame and material power, the time of disillusionment and futility usually comes. Death is ahead, and they cannot take any material thing with them when they go. What does it matter if I have gained the whole world, but lost my own soul?

    Prayer for the Day

    I pray that I will not come empty to the end of my life. I pray that I may so live that I will not be afraid to die. — 24 Hours a Day

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  2. Dr. Bob suggested Trust God, Clean House, Help Others.
    When I eventually do so, some form of Joy usually shows up, not because I specifically sought it but more just something that shows up.
    When I stay stuck, typically unaware or in denial, or worse, in self, I can get poop.
    I have come to like Joy better than poop, so I try and Turn it Over.
    Grateful for the Gift

  3. Harry, well said. I believe and pray to God to help me practice steps 1 – 3 and 12 daily. These steps and being able to control my character defects bring me joy in life. Being able to wake up and live my life in recovery also brings me joy. I am very happy that I have the AA program and the support of God in my life.

  4. Many people try to be self-sufficient and seek selfish pleasure and find that it does not work too well.
    This is from 24 hr aa thought for the day, just what Harry wrote about. For me I believe this to be so true, I saw that my mom could not take all of her little plates and bowls w her. I see people holding on to their possessions, just like I do and is that what I need at the end of my rope, probably not. Lol.

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