I used to do favors, but never without the expectation of getting something in return. In recovery I have learned that giving freely without any expectation of getting, makes me feel good about me – that’s my “payoff.” One of the Spiritual Principles is Willingness and another is “Brotherly” Love. Through the process of recovery I have found that I do love others, and that love means caring enough to help others whenever I see a need, without expectation of receiving some benefit from that act. Staying sober and feeling good about my actions is an unexpected benefit from positive behavior when it comes to helping others. I do it because it is the right thing to do, not because I want something in return. Through the Steps and my faith in a Higher Power I work to stay the path to the Spiritual Principles, as my behavior guides. When I combine both the Spiritual Principles and my Higher Power, it is a combination that gives me hope, faith, and the strength I need to continue to grow and to change. I pray that I continue to have an open-mind when it comes to helping others, always checking my motives and stretching towards the Higher Path, one Step at a time.