I grew up believing that I was flawed and in someway that made me “not normal.” I have heard many in the rooms express their feelings of not “fitting in,” and that described me, as well. I did not believe I had any talents or special gifts like others. I considered myself “not good enough” for much of my life. I came to not only accept that but to believe that “truth” about me. I was defeated before I began. What was the point in trying – I thought I would fail at whatever effort I was making, so why try?

There is one “gift” that I do have, the gift of writing, for which I am eternally grateful. While I will never be rich or famous, I can say that I have discovered my “talents,” those things that make me uniquely me. I accept my gifts and am grateful for all my blessings. You are ALL part of the miracle in my sobriety, and I thank each and every one of you for reading, praying, all the comments, but most of all your love and commitment to YOUR recovery….One Day At A Time!