Love The Now

I live in a real world today, it’s no longer reaching for what I cannot have, but a place where I am happy with what I get. Life is not about getting what I want, but wanting what I get. My life revolves around A.A., every day. Each day I am doing something to strengthen my program; I go to meetings, I serve as a sponsor, I attend and participate is service work at various levels. Yes, there are some days when I stay at home, but there are still phone calls and visits from sponsees and others.

Reach out to the Program every day, in some fashion – that is what has worked for me and others, and I therefore urge you to simply stay connected. Tomorrow is a travel day, but I will reflect when I get to the hotel…. šŸ™‚

Photo Courtesy of Tom S
Photo Courtesy of Tom S

7 thoughts on “Love The Now

  1. We read most mornings in my group pages 82-88; almost at the end is the wonderful line…We alcoholics are undisciplined, so we let God discipline us in this simple way we have just outlined…
    A reminder I am not running things here, by my choice. And that things work out really well when I practice the simple program on a daily basis, from a positive point of view. Again entirely my choice. I either do what you guys showed me works for you or I swim in poop. Totally up to me.
    Safe travels and comfortable recuperation to my friends here.

  2. Have a safe, fun trip, Bonnie!
    I’m reminded of the words of a friend who’s been sober as long as I’ve been alive (59); ” I keep sobriety paramount in my life.” First things first- and because of that I get to live a life of sane and useful happiness.

    • Me too KT! As I landed safe in Denver and made a call to our friend, Maggie…I’m reminded how simple the program is…..where ever 2 or more gather…theres a meeting! šŸ’œ

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