Faith in a Higher Power is a constant in my life. In my recovery I wanted the faith that I saw others had, but I wanted it 24/7. I found that how I defined my faith was totally dependent on me, and that it was more than just a few prayers on Sunday. It has become something that is with me every day, all day long, and I am grateful for that.

I often say that the three most important words a newcomer hears is Keep Coming Back. The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is not a “class” from which we graduate, it is a life altering program that continues to teach me every day. I have been in the Program now years, and yet I continue to learn, continue to grow and continue to change as life goes forward. I do not believe I will ever “know it all” and that’s a good thing. I used to be a “know it all” and now I know that was just another lie I told myself. Today I do not have to lie to myself or to anyone else for that matter. Honesty is one of those blessings of the Program, and with it comes freedom. Freedom to be me, freedom to say what I believe, and freedom to develop the faith I need to live this life, one day at a time. As todays class ended, the director handed me an envelope. In in was a “special agent” badge, and a welcome card-I am truly blessed. Today my cup runneth over! Thank you for your continued prayers!!