My sobriety is something that I do treasure. It has brought peace into my life, and an acceptance of my world for the first time in my life. It is also something that requires “maintenance,” without which complacency would set in, and complacency is an enemy of my sobriety. In the small book entitled “As Bill Sees It” on page 327, he writes about the “Three Choices.” One of which is; “A rebellious refusal to work upon our glaring defects can be an almost certain ticket to destruction.” The second one being; “we can stay sober with a minimum of self-improvement and settle ourselves into a comfortable but often dangerous mediocrity” (this is complacency). And the final choice being; we can continuously try hard for those sterling qualities that can add up to fineness of spirit and action – true and lasting freedom under God.”

Complacency can happen as the result of the choices I make, and the chances I take. So there are several different suggestions to help me get out of any “funk” I may be in, when it comes to my recovery. The bottom line for me is “action.” Alcoholism is a devious disease, and is one that requires my constant vigilance. Thankfully there are many “avenues” to maintaining the Program, and the blessings I receive from that action are called “The Promises” and can always be found on page 83-84 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is SO GREAT to be HOME!! The blessings I’ve received are still happening, and I look forward to them ALL! Happy Day to you ALL…Doc, Tree, 3D, Tom, Jack, Bill, Tom R…Thor, MAGGS, etc etc etc!!