In spite of my age, I find that I am still experiencing “new” things. In the past there was “first times” quite often; the first time I was kissed, the first time I took a drink, the first time I received a paycheck, etc. In recovery there are “firsts” as well; my first 30 day chip, my first 4th Step, my first time of sharing my story, etc., but it still surprises me when I experience a new “first.” I loved getting my first grandchild, I have been moving forward in my journey towards recovery for some time now, and I have learned what it means to take action. The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous requires action on my part, if my goal is growth and change.

It’s all fine and good to be a member of A.A., but without some type of action on my part, my program can become sedentary and eventually I will fail to stay sober. I choose to remain active in the Program of A.A., I choose to remain sober – day by day, and I choose to participate in my Fellowship by means of service work. It takes balancing of all these things for me to claim my recovery from the deadly disease of alcoholism. I work to remain true to myself, my program, and my faith in a power greater than I. When all is said and done, I know that whatever “firsts” there are left for me, that my Higher Power, God, will guide me to them – then it is up to me as to what I do about them. . . it will take action on my part, and today I am a willing participant in my own life and my own recovery. (ps. Monday will be my FIRST day at work!!)