I can certainly say that my life has changed since I first dared to claim my seat at the tables of A.A. Yes, there has been loss – in many ways. But, there has been much that can be called “gains.” I have gained new friends, and mourned the loss of old friends who were not able to make the changes needed in recovery. I have gained a true sense of peace and serenity through acceptance of myself and the world around me. I have gained a kind, strong, loving Higher Power who is so much more powerful than my disease. I have regained my sense of right and wrong, and no longer choose to minimize, justify and rationalize my behaviors; today I hold my behavior and actions up to the light of reality, and choose to live by the Spiritual Principles, to the best of my ability.

Today, I work towards becoming someone whose life is directed by gratitude, generosity of the heart, and gaining a true sense of what it means to be not only sober, but to live a life of recovery. I continue to grow, to change and to work towards that “Higher Path” that God has shown me. It’s truly been an amazing journey, and one that just keeps getting better and better. I pray that I might continue on this path towards serenity and that I might then be of service to others. I am grateful to A.A. for giving me the means to have a life with both purpose and direction. I am grateful to God for all my blessings; the Program, my sponsees, my friends and family and for Your continued faith in me!