Faith crept into my life on quiet feet. I don’t know when , nor do I know how; I just know that today I have faith. Faith in God, faith in the Program and faith in myself. Faith comes to people in a variety of ways, some have what has been termed as a “white light” experience – whereby feelings of faith occur suddenly, and are accompanied by a sense of enormous white light. Such was the experience of our co-founder, Bill W., although I cannot find it in the Big Book, there are other references to faith in the chapter “Bill’s Story,” where he describes his faith as being “a matter of being willing to believe in a Power greater than myself.” [Pages 12, 13 and 14 demonstrate the basics of the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and are well worth reading.]

Faith is the third Spiritual Principle, Honesty and Hope being the first two. Faith, Hope and Honesty – now there’s a trio that’s hard to beat. With these three it is possible to begin the process of recovery from the deadly disease of alcoholism that has ruled my life. There is a behavior in the Program that’s called “act as if” which means that it is suggested that we act as if we believe until such time as we really do. Try prayer, try appreciation, try faith, try willingness; try acting as if these behaviors are present in your life. Given enough time they will become present with the help of your Higher Power. Sometimes I have to behave as though I believe until such time as I do. God is patient with me, He has faith in me, and He has blessed me with a program of recovery that has worked for countless others-the very least I can do is return that faith by working the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous to the best of my ability.(Just a litte FYI, I’ll be on vacation that was planned a year ago-BUT NOT from writing, lol. I’ll be at Disneyland, enjoying the fruits of SOBRIETY!!!) A reward from not drinking, ONE DAY AT A TIME!!