Reaction Isnt Action

From Each Day A New Beginning:

We must learn how to act rather than react. Unfortunately, we’ve had lots of training at reacting. And we’re all such good imitators. We are a society of reactors. We let the good or the bad behavior of another person determine our own behavior as a matter of course. But the opportunities are unlimited for us to responsibly choose our behavior, independent of all others in our life.


10 thoughts on “Reaction Isnt Action

  1. Four P’s
    🙂 Pause :-), 🙂 Pray :-), 🙂 Ponder :-),:-) Proceed :-).
    If I can’t do all four, for Goodness’s sake don’t forget the first.
    . 🙂

  2. Good morning folks! All’s good here on my homefront. Personally I’m really glad you’ve been working hard to stay sober Albert and sharing it here with us!

  3. Thanks 3D. I believe in the power of “We”. I have to read or hear the shares of other addicts that are in recovery. Their experience strength and hope add value to my recovery. Harry, thanks for reminding me about the 4 P’s. Sometimes I react instead of pausing and think how I will proceed.

  4. A spiritual experience can be the realization that a life which once seemed empty and devoid of meaning is now joyous and full.

    I am grateful to not be in a state of dispair and that I am better able to live my life one day at a time and not agonize over my wretched behavior. Many blessings to each of you this am

  5. My wife (of 28 years on Friday!!) always tells me it’s not what I say, it’s how I say it. I can no longer hang on to my air of superiority and embrace a lifestyle of humility…they just won’t coexist. One has to go, the other to grow.

    Very instructive to me is the fact of my sincere effort for many years to get sober on my own, without anyone helping. When I finally acknowledged that I couldn’t do it by myself, the walls of pride came tumbling down, at least in the not-drinking arena. They’re falling a little more slowly in the ordinary, liveaday life that I lead. But that has convinced me that the edge in my voice is a vestige of a soul sickness that insists on my way, in my time and on my terms. That is not the recipe for a happy marriage or a sober lifestyle, both of which I want more and more as time proceeds. “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” That’s a tall order…

  6. Top of the morning family,
    Awesome topic. It’s not what happens to us, but what happens in us. That is the defective behavior Bonnie was chit/chatting a few days ago. One of my tools, best to say something sweet and soft, for when I have to eat my words they go down much easier. Or don’t say nothing, serenity prayer, and just walk away, (physically and emotionally).
    peace / progress

  7. Well, Bonnie.
    Short, sweet, to the point and right between the eyes.
    For me, the very essence of recovery- growing into an individuated being aware of my relationships with others, and taking responsibility for my behaviours.
    I am reliant upon my HP to show me the way of kindliness, love and tolerance towards all. And so long as I am practising these principles in all my affairs then I rely upon His grace. When I err, then I rely upon His forgiveness and seek direction. When I rely upon my will it just gets icky.

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